Monday, August 13, 2007

Latimer Updates STAR Property Tax Rebate Information

New York State Assemblyman George Latimer has provided the following update on key elements of and changes in the STAR property tax rebate plan.

Seniors who are currently receiving Enhanced STAR rebate benefits - a higher reduction based on age and level of income - will receive their checks automatically. The State Tax Department estimates mailing of checks and application forms on or about September 17th to all Westchester residents, except Yonkers - which has already received their mailing. Senior residents who are unsure if they are already enrolled in Enhanced STAR can verify their status by calling their town or city hall - 381-7820 for Mamaroneck Town residents.

For those enrolled in regular STAR, they will receive an application form from the State, which will require them to identify their income level. These application forms are expected to be mailed out on or about September 17th as well. STAR rebate check amount will depend on the level of income in three categories: under $120,000 annual income; between $120,000 and $175,000 per year; between $175,000 and $250,000. Those with incomes above $250,000 per year will not receive a rebate check for 2007.

Rebates for residents of the Mamaroneck school district will range from $384 to $768 and, in the Rye Neck district from $428 to $856, depending on the taxpayer's STAR category.

Benefits will be based as well by the school district and the town or city of residence. For example, Mamaroneck Town residents who live in Murdock Woods or along the "Mamaroneck strip" that borders Scarsdale, are part of the Scarsdale school district, and their checks will differ from those who live elsewhere in Mamaroneck Town. Mamaroneck Village residents of the Rye Neck School District (Rye Town residents) will receive a different amount than will Rye Neck school district residents of the City of Rye - primarily the Greenhaven neighborhood.

Latimer's office will be available to provide additional application forms once they are issued. If an Enhanced STAR resident has not received their checks, the Assembly office staff will assist in following up with the State Tax offices. Assemblyman Latimer's office in Mamaroneck can be reached by phone at 777-3832, or by e-mail at Any additional questions may be directed there, or to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website at


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Anonymous said...

Hi - are you going to comment on the recent audit from the Comptroller over M'neck School District cozy arrangements with remote network administrators ? You can live like a king for 100 grand in Greece, and I am not sure you pay much taxes there. It is unfortunate that the Comptroller's office only fixated on a headline-worthy item rather than entertaining us with all other possible cozy arrangements that Ms Tate and Ms King may have profligated during their tenure (for instance, Special Ed administrators at 170k$, lawyers, contractors , Ms King's far and wide travels to conferences on various topics could been researched). It is unlikely that the don't ask/don't tell Board would have been the wiser. No to mention the pharaonic building program with no afterthought to the maintenance costs. ANyway, a juicy piece of news that 685k$ is.